Saturday, February 3, 2007

Pre-race chills (weather is going to be bad!)

Hmm. Weather forecast says 18F tomorrow morning with wind 15-25mph... thats windchill of about 3F!
The coldest race I have done so far was 34F with windspeed of 16mph (windchill 25F). So this should be interesting.

I better bundle up. Also I need a strategy. Good that I managed to get the race number in advance (I needed to make it to the nyrr office by 4:30 starting at 4 in downtown. With express trains not running, getting to nyrr office was a race itself..made it there at 4:29) Anyway, I am thinking hot shower and run to the startline just in time (9am) and continue the run and run back. -Thats may be 6-8miles total run instead of the 4miles race. Forget racing, in fact I better take it easy as I dont want to get chills from sweat early on. Boy, I get chills just thinking:-)

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