Thursday, February 15, 2007

6mi 60min TM flat

6mi 60min flat treadmill. I think heart rate never went above 165 but I forgot to bring the monitor. I did however bring in my blue supernova to work. Just like last three times, first three miles were uncomfortable while second half felt like cruize-control. Need to investigate. May be insufficient warm-up???Anyway. I have got one more race coming up this Sunday. I may have to skip a training run this weekend. Perhaps I should check out the swimming pool situation I have this saturday.Finally today was the second time in a row I stepped out in subfreezing temperature right after the run. Boy, its like a sauna in there at 70+ after one hour run. I should check if it is problamatic to have sudden change in temperature. May be this is like mild icing of whole body (except it feels good not painful). But I suspect, 3-5 min of stretching in freezing temp must be inconsequential.

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