Monday, May 25, 2009

WOD#113 5K@7:47min/mi in hot 80deg 24:17@189/196

WOD#113 5K@7:47min/mi in hot 80deg 24:17@189/196
Barefoot! Compare with wod#67 24:47@185/195 race in March (in my Nike frees in better weather of 35deg). With the 400m and 800m repeats last week, I was ready for this 5K. I am surprised and relieved that the 5K was a PR (though its worth noting that I have run 4mi at 7:20min/mi once before).

Weather was too hot to do fast run at 80deg. I was PARCHED by the time I finished second mile and slowed down by almost a minute in pace for half a mile before picking it up in last half mile. Also the hot surface of the reservior loop was dry and full of tiny stones giving me blisters at the front of the toe. It was progressively getting more unconfortable though not sure if it was that bad during the run. It was, however, pretty bad walking back home a mile from central park. Broadly, the blisters continue to be my real enemies and not so much fitness/muscles/endurance.

Anyhow, the PR effort for the WOD has made me seriously consider shooting for PR next week in the Brooklyn half. 8:30min/mi pace should be enough for me to break PR but I havent been training AT ALL so I am not sure I am up for a half marathon effort at this point. I will give it a shot anyway. The real wild card here is the crossfit. If the crossfit really did magically prepared me for half marathon, then all bets are off. Its definitely worth a shot. It would also give me some indication of how to balance crossfit with marathon training for the NYC in November. If crossfit really does have the magic potion to improve long distance race efforts, it will be an excellent excuse to continue with crossfit full swing and dial down any marathon training programs I might consider. Of course, since blister seem to be my biggest enemy, I dont really think crossfit can help me in that department and I will have to log in a few practice long runs to get my soles strong. Speaking of which, the Brooklyn half ends with a mile on the wooden boardwalk which could potentially be a recipie for disaster for barefoot runner. Hmm. I need a gameplan.

BF in NY for 874mi WOD#113 5K@7:47min/mi in hot 80deg 24:17@189/196

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