Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WOD#114 "Barbara" 10x(10PU/15Push/20Sit/25Squat) no break 57:57@145/175

Barbara is EVIL!. Compare 57:57@145/175 with WOD#74 and #45 (29:54@147/167 and 27:36@136/166) both of which were variation of half Barbara. Today I did the complete Barbara except broke each set in two making it a 10round workout instead of 5. Also I completely forgot about the 3min break but for this scaled down and slow timing, thats probably not such a bad idea.

Halfway point was 23:59 which is not too shaby compared to 28min and 30min last time. But I just noticed this now. During the workout it felt like forever. The pullups were still very tough I broke them in set of 5 reps each. I did exclusively kipping pull up. One attempt at 3strict pullups jammed up my arms for the pushups. However, for some reason, I kept having problem with my grip which was frustrating.

I was exausted by the time I reach halfway mark and I still dont know how I managed to push through to do whole thing all over again. It got really sticky during round 7 which took almost 10min but once I finished round 8, I knew I had to finish the whole thing. Kipping pull ups are the real culprits because they make the extra rounds possible but then each kipping pullup is really exausting. Also its almost impossible to cheat on full extension. Also, I dont remember the last two Barbaras but I did the pushups with FULL range of motion i.e. nose and hips touching ground which was quite challenging in last few rounds. Situps were easy. Squats were a bit difficult, perhaps due to aching calf following 5K run yesterday. Between 5K and Barbara, I am exausted. I still need to do crossfit Total (perhaps tomorrow since its a rest day).
WOD#114 "Barbara" 10x(10PU/15Push/20Sit/25Squat) no break 57:57@145/175

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