Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eva! 89:49@150/183 and row/squats 17:06@167/184

WOD#143 Eva! Row/35#KB 150PU 89:49@150/183 Rx except 35#KB/rowing. Compare with WOD#19 58:52@153/184 (with 25#KB/5x20PU) BY FAR THE LONGEST wod by more than half an hour. If Barbara is EVIL, Eva is the Devil. I was just about ready to cry by the time I finished. I subed running with Rowing and used 35#KB instead of 72#Rx. I did not scale down pullups which were very hard. I was loosing grip by the time I reached 150 PUs. I in fact lost a grip in second last set which was scary. Every one of the 30 PUs were broken in 5sub sets. Splits were as follows 13:37/16:59/18:58/22:16/17:56. I peaked at 800m rowing at 3:30 in third set which was exciting. I also broke KBs in 2 sets except last one which was continuous. The real limiting factor was the grip for pullups. I could not stay on the bar for all 6PUs per subset by last few reps. I just about to start getting blisters but in general whole fingers were getting powerless with the workouts. 10 20 10 0 20 10 10 10 10 0

WOD#144 4 x (400m row + 50 squats) 17:06@167/184
Compare with WOD#110 3 x (400m@6min/mi + 15 squats) 10:17@188/199
Subed rowing for running. Rowing is harder than running since I am better conditioned for running but I think the HR stays low despite all out effort in rowing since its done while sitting down. The squats were surprisingly tough. I was just gasping for air the whole time. I also was wobbling on some of the squats which felt really strange given no weights. But all squats had full depth and in fact I was pressing down on calf at the bottom which was fun. Splits: 3:57, 4:31, 5:02, 3:35. 1600m rowing interval in total 6:50ish
40 20 0 10 10 20 0 0 0 0

WOD#143 Eva! Row/35#KB 150PU 89:49@150/183
WOD#144 4 x (400m row + 50 squats) 17:06@167/184

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