Sunday, April 5, 2009

4mi RACE as interval training 6:42min/mi

WOD#93 4x800m in 4mi RACE 6:42/33/58/37 13:25@182/192
Compared to WOD#16: 13:36 (6:48)
This is a long overdue WOD which was stuck due to cold weather and heel injury (incidently due to heel strike in sprints/rope jumps while using shoes!). It was a bit chillier than I had expected but mostly dry. The surface was cold and it was a bit windy so my soles became insensitive halfway through the race which concerned me. But then they thawed and it was back to normal by last mile of the race. There is a hint of clear blister under right foot front sole (same place as marathon injury). The skin is so tough that the blister is not as sensitive as regular blister but none the less it will keep me away from running for couple of days.
The 4miler race was very crowded. Good that I didnt plan on racing the whole thing. I jammed my 4x800m interval training in this race which means 800m race and 800m rest. It worked great. I jogged first 800m (which included the cat hill...thank god) and then raced next half mile till mile mark and then rest again etc.I kept going back and forth from the perspective of other runners running at my average pace which must have been interesting. Anyway, according to my garmin, the intervals were all betwen 6:30 and 7:00 averaging at 6:42. Not too shabby. However, the pace was not even and steadily deteriorated after about 250m. Also max HR was nowhere near max possible HR so a lot of this must have been mental. Oh well!
WOD#93 4x800m in 4mi RACE 6:42/33/58/37 13:25@182/192
BF in NY for 854mi