Monday, August 18, 2008

400mi mark and couple of fastish longish runs

I ran a solid 7+mi run today at an average of 9:30mpm pace. This was quite fast training run for me but I was feeling pretty strong despite a longish 15mi run yesterday. Today's run also included couple of really fast routines. One was on flat nice grass very short stretch at about 6:30mpm pace. Other was the cat hill going up at 7-8mpm pace. Both efforts took me past 190bpm which hasnt really happened outside races for me. I am sure the 85 degree humid weather didnt hurt(!). After not doing ANY speed work or real hill work for quite a while, I am easing into it by sneaking very short stretches of speed/hill works in regular training runs as long as they do not interfere with long runs. Depending on how these routines proceed, I will have to plan for formal speed/hill sessions soon. If all goes well, I need few weeks of speed training ahead of the fifth avenue one miler about a month from now. I have exactly one race before that which I may skip if it actually helps my preparation for the miler. I want to break 7min in the one miler but we will see how training pans out.

The 15mi long run yesterday was interesting as well. I ran with the flyer group and ran most of it in vibram. As usual, vibrams continue to attract a lot of attention, especially with an article in Runners world this month. I needed 15mi to keep my weekly mileage above shod PR of 39mi which I did. 40mi is still smaller than 41mi I did couple of weeks back but the fact that I survived the 40mi with legs fresh enough to do a 9:30mpm seven miler today is the big difference. Even the 15mi run was relatively fast at 10mpm including the last couple of miles at strong sub-10mpm. In contrast, the 41mi week was followed by early signs of ankle sprain and an very easy 32mi week and the 19mi long run ended with slow couple of miles of 11-12mpm.

I also extended the depth of my barefoot running on bridal path into northern as well as southern end by basically completing the whole stretch. The portion of bridal path outside the reservoir loop is not as nice and has a stretches of sharp industrial gravel which really sucks. Despite developing reasonably strong soles and good form I just have to stop and walk on this gravel. I dont know how I can ever run on this gravel without pain or worse.. damage to sole. I am not convinced that training on this gravel is actually beneficial and I wouldnt run on it just for the sake if it unless it actually helps me. After all is to MINIMIZE the pain while maximizing the benefit not otherway round. That would be just plain nuts:-)

BF in NY for 404mi

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