Sunday, August 3, 2008

Warburton scientific article on barefoot running
I voughly remember reading this article about a year back when I was just getting warmed up about the idea of barefootish running. 
It is a very good read with tons of references for digging deeper into the subject. I will reiterate the conclusion:
1. Barefoot running stregthen muscles in foot reducing chances of ankle sprain while shoes increase severity of the sprain by adding to torque.
2. Shoes might be increasing chances of plantar fasciitis but shifting stresses of shock.
3. Shoes could add few percent to oxygen consumption by adding heavy pendulum effect.
4. More research needed to understand why barefoot running is not common in elite runners.

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Anonymous said...

4. Barefoot running has been present in basically all elite runners from Africa. When they ran to school as children they did so barefoot. One reason we do not see the elites running barefoot or using footwear that mimics barefoot running is because all the big brand names such as NIKE, and ADDIDAS; the ones who have the dollars to sponsor athletes, the shoes they make are not "barefoot inspired."