Friday, August 8, 2008

Taking eazy this week

This week has been very slow after the solid 41miler with the 19mi long run. I ran one 7miler and just a 4mi so far.  This week will probably end with less than 30mi. Perhaps not the worst thing after 7 weeks of almost continuous ramp up from 29mi to 41mi. Also after giving up the idea to run marathon as a training run on 22nd, I now might just do it. The marathon is on a bike path around a lake but has a dirt/grass path (ummm yummm) next to it and is 9 small loops so easy to adjust if necessary. And from the looks of it, its beautiful. I even took the day off (its on a Friday). I will post with an update on this as actual making it to the race is a logistic nightmare without car unless I camp at the start line:-)

On barefoot running front, I still am having hard time believing that the very rough central park loops on the 19mi was a non-issue and no signs of blisters what so ever. I did, however, made small injury on the side of the foot but I have seen much worse after pretty much every long run I had done before. Tomorrow, the Mayor Bloomberg is planning to close the Park Ave from downtown Brooklyn bride to Central park to cars and I am planning on doing a run. This should be a real test of how the NYC marathon might feel like if I venture barefooting in the race.

Finally, with Olympics just beginning, I think its worth mentioning that I will be making all the sports to observe the foot movements and if/how footware affect the movements. Some of the major sports including swimming and gymnastics are barefoot.  I will make a note of any interesting observations.  

BF in NY for 336mi

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