Sunday, August 10, 2008

This week was a recovery week at 32mi with 11mi and 10mi runs on weekend. Both runs were nice and easy. Yesterday's 11mi was on Park Avenue as the avenue was closed to traffic this weekend. I started the run at 72nd street end at 7am sharp when the streets closed and ran all the way to Brooklyn Bridge and ran back. It was a lot of fun and people cheering me which was great. A guy with fancy camera took a shot of me and said it will be on I haven't seen anything yet on the website but it was pretty cool. I don't remember being interviewed ever before, however briefly, in front of a camera. Ironically, right after the interview, a middle aged woman crossing street in front of me shouted at me "Stupid!". That was kind of harsh thing to say, even to a stupid person:) For some reason, it reminded me of Forest Gump when his mom says something about ignoring others when people called Forest stupid... Oh and perhaps there is some kind of symbolism in Forest breaking out of the shackles (read "shoes") and running faster than ever!

On barefooting front, I am having problems with my ankle joint. It feels okay while running but it feels a bit swollen when I sit for a while. There is also a mild pain. I am considering tapping up the ankles while running. Funny thing is that the two ankle wraps I have at home go around ankle as well over the sole so I cant really use them. I am watching various tapped up ankles in olympic games to figure the best way to do this. I am also wondering if the 19miler straight from 12mi long run phase was a major mistake. Thankfully there is no race anytime soon so I can focus on just mileage for next few weeks. On brighter note, the 11mi run on the Park Avenue was like walk in the park. The portion of the road regularly are very smooth, with perhaps a bit oil on it. Running was very pleasant on this smooth surface. Also portion of the Avenue with solid bike lane was even better with a continuous white lines. The first avenue (in marathon course) has a bike lane as well as thats kindda nice. I just now need to test the roads in wet conditions for a longish run as the marathon course will be full of water stops with people throwing water on road (and sticky Gaterade or worse...Gu packets!) Ouch.

BF in NY for 357mi

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