Saturday, August 16, 2008

8mi central park run in pouring rain

Yesterday evening 8mi run was in pouring rain. Usually I prefer to run on soft dirt paths when its raining but yesterday I decided to do the big loop in central park to test my legs on wet road surface. I would think that the races would be wet every couple of miles due to water stops so I need to train for running on wet roads. I was a bit concerned that the soles will become soft and more susceptible to pincture or pain but the rain also washes off all the debris from the road so it was okay. I didnt even get any blisters from running on coarse roads in central park. I think the soles just become flexible lether without loosing strength. I do think wet soles are stickier and more likely to pick dirt or tiny stones if I run through a wet patch into dry dirt. I had been avoiding wet surfaces in races but now I am thinking I should just run through them and see if it actually make any difference.

Today I added 4 miles by running to and back from a central park race I was volunteering. I was a course marshall trying to keep bikers from crossing the race lane. My legs are hurting from standing barefeet (vibram) for 4 hours. I have to do about 17mi rest of the weekend to make the 42mi target. I am still undecided about whether to do one run or two.

BF in NY for 382mi 

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