Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My barefoot run in dim evening light (!)

It got a little late for the run yesterday and it started to get a bit dark by the end of the run. I was doing loops around reservior and parts of bridal path; which are not very well lit. I didnt realize it but its a bit different running when it gets too dark to make out terrain details. I had to run blind..quite literally and heighten the sensations in soles while stepping on and feel for any danger. It was a learning experience but was definitely doable. In fact, tip toeing resulted me running a bit faster than usual. But in general there is always some light in manhattan I guess. Why do I get a feeling that as we move into fall, I will be exploring more and more of the running barefoot in darkness?
Oh, a great research article about running and longevity at
BF in NY for 364mi

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