Monday, August 4, 2008

Recovery morning 6.8mi run today

I took the Sunday off after the awesome 19miler on Saturday and went for a run in early morning today. (yes I got a just 5minutes before FOUR alarm clocks I had set went off. Quite a progress on the early morning wake up routine in last couple of months. About 230mi out of 332mi barefoot have been in the morning). I mixed some coffee and suger in large glass of water to wake me up and get my blood sugar up a bit. But its hard to run straight out of bed.  The legs felt like dead logs. Also the old early ache on left leg outer side had returned (the one which I thought was a false alarm).  Also the sprained ankle seemed to echo faint pain. Of course, I am much more tuned into my foot aches than I used to so these are really minute pains which dont even cause limping. I am guessing the 19miler might have felt good but was big jump up so early in the training. The flyers program called for 16mi last weekend and 20miler this coming weekend. I will probably count the 19miler as my 20mi substitute and run "light" 14-16mi this weekend.

Anyway, the first mile was at a 13:44mpm pace which is quite a "running" pace. But eventually I found my rythem and it was fun finishing strong. The middle loop around reservior included a 400mi at about 8:15mpm which felt surprisingly fast. The new fun aspect of reservior run I discovered today was that the little smooth stone ridge on the lake side is just wide enough to maintain a running balance while barefoot. This is probably pretty difficult with shoes. The only problem is to find a place for arm so that it doesnt hit the fence. Over next few weeks I will play with this to find if there is any optimal way to place hand and sustain run around the reservoir. How cool will it be to run on the smooth rock when the path gets muddy or crowded with people. It also makes me wonder not where else can I run now which I cant/wont run with shoes on. During long run I toyed with running on the square raised border along the central park. It was hard balancing on it I gave after I brushed my heeps on the edge on a turn. It sounded like recepie for ankle sprain. Perhaps later sometime...

BF in NY for 332mi

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