Monday, February 9, 2009

Cindy! (10 rounds up from 5 in Christmas)

I am bit hurting from tight calf and hamstrings after yesterday's run. Nothing major but given that today's wod was Cindy, a favorite, I didnt like that I wasn't 100%. I really want to start hitting wods in at least somewhat respectable range as I am seeing repeat wods. (I had done Cindy back in Dec 21st). This competition between Crossfit and running will only get worse as I get back into racing season. First few wods felt like I was cheating on running by sneaking in the wods. Now its exactly the opposite.

WOD#53 Cindy 10x(5pu, 10push, 15dsquat)  20:00@153/172

10 rounds compared to 5 rounds back in christmas week (HR 148/162)! Still short of 15-20 we usually see in typical crossfitter but at least it was a Rxed.
The major improvement is the ability to do continuous 5 pullups. Even the form steadily deteriorated and I moved to skipping PU with bad form but at least I was hanging up there for all 5 in each set. ALL push ups were excellent form even though it got progressively harder to do the set of 10. I never reached breaking point so its clear pushups are not really bottleneck. Squat were easy as well but both took so much air out of me that I had to catch breath and gather mojo to take the chance to jump in the air and hope that I catch the pullup bar. Its just no fun getting on pullup bar using the steps.

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