Sunday, February 8, 2009

First barefoot run of the season and some fun wods.

First real barefoot run of the season 7.9mi@9:15  1:13:14@166/189. No vibrams! It was warm at 50+ but the central park road was covered with icy cold water as ice on the sides melted. First two miles were hard. I seriouly considered turnining back after first mile as the cold icy water made my feet hypersensitive and then the salt crystals all over the road kept poking and sticking to the sole making it very uncomfortable. The trick was to find water puddles and get rid of them as often as possible. But all this became non-issue after mile 3-4 and rest of the run was pretty nice. It started raining and hailing(!) by mile 6 so I speeded up a bit.

I think this was my first barefoot run since november 30. So I am surprised that I managed to survive the whole 8mile stretch without any damage without conditioning of the feet. There are couple of hints of blisters but nothing to scream about. I didnt even notice them till I was out of shower and back in cozy comforter. Also calfs didnt ache either which was another surprise since, firsttime barefooters often get screaming calfs after a long run. 

All in all, if I have not lost my foot conditioning, thats a good news. The whole run averaged at 9:15 pace including slow runs to and back from park. The real pace was little faster than 9:00 which is nice. When I plotted all barefoot training runs excluding races, this run turns out to be THE fastest, despiting being on the longer end of distance (7.9mi). I couldnt make it to the Bronx half this morning but now I know I would have had no trouble doing it at 9:00pace provided I didnt have a blister issue.

BF in NY for 836mi
7.9mi@9:15  1:13:14@166/189

WOD#49 Kelly 400m, 30box, 30wallish15# 48:23@156/183
This was HARD. I cannot believe people can actually do 20ft high wallball with 20# ball. I was dead pushing it up overhead at just 15#. The runs even at 7:30 pace felt brutal as the whole wod is designed to keep HR in anarobic levels. I had to take so many breaks just to get HR below anarobic threshold for a few seconds which really defeats the purpose of the wod. Ouch.

WOD#50 Nicole 6 rounds 400m+5strict cont PU 20:00@163/179
Fun wod. 5 unbroken pullups which is a first.

WOD#51 5 X (15KBswing35#, 25situp, 25bkExt, 15 Knelbow 42:95@140/164
Major accomplishment: "got" the right form for Knee to Ellbow in last round making 15 in a set after struggling with 5 in all earlier sets. Rx called for 2 poodx25 but had to scale down to 1pood x 15. First round was 1pood x 25 which was hard. Situps and back extensionsare definitely getting easier.

WOD#52 SP1x5, PP3x5, PJ5x5 all@65#
First time use of the newly aquired barbell (thanks to my neighbor leaving). Now I just need a rack.

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