Sunday, February 1, 2009

Slow 4mi Race at 8:07 in Vibrams

I ran my second race of this year (6more to go excl marathon). Since I had been doubling up on wods to catch up on a week lost due to vacation, I decided to take it a bit easy. 4mi race at 8:07 pace (8:48, 8:12, 8:34, 7:17). Over a minute in negative split since I had so much reserves left for the last mile. But despite easy effort, the fastest mile was comparable to the average pace I ran for my PR race last year at 7:21 so I am clearly loosing my running fitness slowly. 

As for the race, it was barely above freezing and a bit windy. Also I had to start running the race right after reaching the startline from home which is about 1.5mi as I was late (as usual). The first mile was painfully slow weaving through so many people. But it felt good enveloped by so many people after running in cold windy roads to the startline. Somehow it felt much warmer. The race was mostly uneventful. I considered taking my vibrams off but decided against it as my toes already felt tingly. Fortunately, the road was dry. I still remember the last training run in vibrams on December 21 in similar temperature (in fact slightly warmer 38degrees) but with wet slushy snow on the ground. I had slight loss of sensation in toes for couple of weeks. No permanent damage but quite an experience. Bzzzz.

Next weekend is the Bronx half so I need to start thinking about it. 
WOD#47 4mi Race@8:07 32:53@175/196 
(Substitute for 10K wod missed two weeks back + 2.3mi up and bk warmup)

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