Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pullups/Dips/backsquat wods

After the race on Sunday, I haven't fully recovered in my calfs. It must be the lack of vibram/barefoot training. Even my trade-mill intervals are in supernova so the calfs were hurting. I had to take yesterday off after doing so many of wods. I was all fresh today except for the calfs and covered two wods. One was just backsquat at 5-5-5-5-5 which are did with 65# (last 75#). Piece of cake. Could easily push for more if I can get my form right. I also tries overhead squat at just 45# and couldnt really do a single rep properly. Torso balance muscles are just not developed to correct for imbalance.

Other WOD was sub for 30 muscle-ups. Original Rx was 120pullups and 120 dips which is plain insanity. I scaled it down to 60pullups (15-30-15) and 60 dips (15-30-15). It wasnt so hard and could have easily done more. The trick was to sneak a few strick pullups with different hand positions into kipping pullups. I am still having trouble doing kipping pullup sets past 3-4. It feels like a technique problem and not so much strength issue. However, this is so much better than last time when I was struggling to even do 50 pullups in 10 rounds. Dips is a whole different story. I tried one strict dip and I barely made it. Rest were all jumping dips.

WOD#47 60 pullups and jumping dips (half wod) 22:15@132/158
WOD#48 Backsquat at 65# 5-5-5-5-5 (last at 75#)

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