Monday, February 16, 2009

WOD#57 70 SDHP/dips and new dip station @ home

* SDHP was easy enough with my 44# KB (little less than half the prescribed 95#). Compared to SDHP I did on bar on Thursday, KB makes this work out so much easier and comfortable. Perhaps its got something to do with use of wrist in weird way while doing SDHP on a bar. 
* Dips are still work-in-progress. I tried to do the dip as deep as possible but it just feels like I am no where close to having my upper arm parallel to ground at the bottom. It just puts unbelievable stress on shoulder joint. Hopefully, few more of these dips wods and I will form right balance of muscles to gain enough confidence to push deeper without injury. It cant be harder than pullups, right?

I constructed this dip station at home using legs of a table put upright against the wall. The bars are not stable enough but that by itself makes the workout more exciting. I also ordered Elite gymnastics rings so soon I will be attempting dips on rings where stability will be critical. From what I heard, its going to be struggle just to stand on and hold the top position of dip without shooting the rings sideways, never mind keeping the rings close to body while doing dips. Anxiously awaiting arrival so I can test where I stand.

BF in NY for 836mi
WOD#57 7 x (10 SDHP + 10 dips) 12:28@126/154

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