Sunday, September 27, 2009

Second barefoot run of the season

With the marathon little over a month from now, I just started running. I ran 6mi today. With 6mi run last weekend, total net milage thus year stands at just 12mi! Not entirely sure how I am going to pull this off with just two weeks left before tapering phase.

Today's run was at the pace of 9:42min/mi while last weeks' run was at 11min/mi pace. I was hurting a bit after last weeks run despite slow pace. It must have been lack of running since June 21st... 3months. It felt much better today despite faster pace but we will have to wait and see tomorrow. I am thinking of keeping it to 6mi runs for now.

BF in NY for 921mi


rockyroad said...

I'm a middle-aged guy who's just starting, slowly, regular barefoot running and walking around Central Park, NY, NY, or Riverside Park/West Side Greenway, near where I live. I've been experimenting slowly, over the summer, with shedding the shoes in the Big Apple. I'm going a lot slower, for shorter distances, and more carefully than I go in sneaks. I feel a bit odd explaining myself, especially as the weather gets colder, but this really draws me. You sound like an incredible athlete. I used to run more, but lately I'm more of a New Ager, myself, so I stay away from weights, and I'm into Power Yoga & martial arts (done barefooot, of course). but I'm also into chins, pull-ups, push-ups, and other exercises which use my natural body weight. Most intensely I'm trying now to work on increasing my stretch, and I'm quite proud of my progress: For a guy who used to have problems touching his toes, I can now grab the outside of my feet and hold them easily. Being able to hold my feet has made it easier for me to care for them and literally be "in touch" with them. Going barefoot and learning how to get my big toes into my mouth again have really brought back the natural child in me! You get my admiration for daring a barefoot marathon! Good luck with your marathon and other training; hope to be in touch and see ya' around!

NYC marathon said...

Thats great. The key to barefoot running running is starting VERY slowly. I started barefoot running a mile or two at 12min/mi+ in May last year and eventually built it to a marathon.
Perhaps I will see you in central park... I know how to recognize:-)