Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WOD#163 5 x (65# SDLHP 21/Dips21) 27:03@157/178

WOD#163 5 x (65# SDLHP 21/Dips 21) 27:03@157/178 2:49-4:48-6:14-8:00-5:11
Finished the wod with continuously 21 dips! A major PR. Trick was to hang on at top till the lactic acid built up flushes out and continue. The wod was scaled down from 95#/ring-dips. The wod was quite difficult. I mean 105 dips and 105 5feet lifts quite a workout. When I finished my first round, I couldnt imagine doing 4 more rounds. Next three rounds got much slower before the pick up by the 5th round, including the dips PR. SDLHP were interesting since I did them using the mini-curl bar. It was quite awkward but I had to make do with it. The trick with SDLHP is to keep back arched and keep bar as close to body on pull as possible. Just like snatch yesterday, SDLHP also push HR up in no time.
WOD#163 5 x (65# SDLHP 21/Dips 21) 27:03@157/178

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