Monday, September 21, 2009

SP PR 95# and Solid clean95#x45 and dips

WOD#164 SP 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 max 85# PR! 16:49@122/144 This was a nice PR up from 75# and this was one PR I really needed. For some reason, I thought my PR was 85# so somehow hitting 85# didnt seem too hard this time. But now I remember the miserable attempts I had made before to hit 85#. It feels good to conqure the unspeakable sticky point in a press. 45-55-60-65-70-75-85

WOD#165 Elizabeth 21-15-9 95#Clean/Dips 27:34@155/186
Compare with WOD#43 45#/jumping dips 6:32@166/188. The cleans were hard. I did 21-15-9 in sets of 3 and had one missed attempt which is always an indication of pushing the limits. I think my form deteriorated over time as I was not keeping my back arched on way up. I thought this was an easy wod but now I know I will be hurting tomorrow. Original Rx weight was 135# but 95# has been my PR in April wod#98. So its amazing that I managed to stick to 95# through the whole routine for 45 reps. Dips were easy was well since had PRed 21 continuous dips last time. So this time, I did the 21-15-9 each continous. Once you know you can do it rest seems to be all mental. I think this new routine of sparse but more intense wod is working well. Ring finger has stopped bothering me so I can now do pullups and bar lift which is great. Ironically, the heel injury seem to be improving after I attempted a 6mi run over the weekend. Its counter intuitive but the run caused the heel to start hurting but immediate and proper icing after the run overcompensated it seems. The trick, I think, was to tape up the ankle loosely and keep proper form for the whole run without any slacking and more importantly, keeping rediculously slow pace (about 11min/mi) so the run ends up being a gentle massage. Intense runs or no runs didnt work in past so I am bit surprised that this works!
WOD#164 SP 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 max 85# PR! 16:49@122/144
WOD#165 Elizabeth 21-15-9 95#Clean/Dips 27:34@155/186

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