Saturday, June 27, 2009

WOD#135 5mi BFRace 42:48@173/197

The race pace was not blazing fast (?) as last week but was very similar to my old PR pace of 8:30min/mi. However, that is not the complete story. Since I was limping whole week after hurting myself a bit in last week's race (nothing major), I decided to make this race just a training run. So I took 9:22min for first mile and was taking it easy in general. For some reason, I just didnt feel springy enough to run hard and legs felt sluggish and like concrete. It was also a bit hot and sunny so I am sure that didnt help.

This went on till 4.25mi. While I was not motivated at all, I was in general at same state as start of the race and no blisters or exersion to speak of. At that point, a young racer passed me fast...really fast. It was like switching of a gear in my head and I just took off. He eventually noticed that I was trailing him and said lets race to the finish line and we just kept increasing pace. I mean I was REALLY flying when I crossed the finish line. My garmin registered last 0.25mi in 5:53min which is basically my mile PR pace. the instantaneous speed at finish line was recorded closer to 5min/mi shooing HR all the way to 197bpm. The pace kept getting faster and HR kept growing from 9min/mi and 173bpm in last 0.75mi. It didnt hurt to have a downhill finish compare to typical uphill finish. It felt so good. Not too dissimilar to yesterday's wod when I struggled to get last 6th round of SDLHP in in last few seconds of 20min work out.

WOD#135 5mi BFRace 42:48@173/197
BF in NY For 909mi

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