Monday, June 15, 2009

Scaling down crossfit for marathon training

I checked crossfit endurance and I like it's overall approach. I will do this.

Swimming: no swimming

Running: I will do one long run and one speed/hill/interval run everyweek. This will be typically long run and a race on weekend or half marathon race which will serve as both!

Biking: I will continue by 3mi each way everyday commute to work with usual speed hill session I do on the one hill I hit eachway. No biking on weekend.

C2: I will add 1 c2 rowing sessions on easy weekday wod.

Crossfit wide: in return for adding c2 and extra running session, I will only do 4wods per week. I will pick and choose the wods I like. I will skip running only wods. Or I will skip c2 rowing if wods have reasonably long c2 component. I will also keep c2 rowing workouts towards longer time/distances if possible.

Quite a plan. I need to sleep on it and revisit tommorrow to make sure it still makes sense.

Today's wod: 4 rounds 2x30# DB cleans 20, 12 dips, 21situps 20:00@146/169
DB cleans were very difficult. It continues to amaze me how much harder DBs are compared to barbell. I think I will stick to DBs whenever I can. Dips were pleasant surprise. After not being able to do one dip cleanly last time I tried, I surprised myself by doing all 12 in row with few of them quite deep. Pure magic of crossfit! I am sure three days of rest didn't hurt:)

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