Sunday, June 21, 2009

WOD#131 5mi RACE PR 40:49@182/194

I did it! I totally smoked old PR without even trying too hard. Here are the stats
- Pace 5mi@8:09min/mi.
- Heart rate 40:49min@182/194 which is not really all out effort. Really, the max HR was 188 till about last 50 yards which is not really deep anarobic.
- Splits: 8:14@176, 8:01@181, 8:29@181, 8:05@184, 7:15@188

Looks like crossfit did its magic and prepared for me for something I havent been training for. Frankly, I didnt really push that hard because I knew each of my split was comfortably within PR range. I push a bit in last mile to get pace down to 7:15 at no real HR cost.

On barefoot front, the only limitation which kept me slow was blister fear (given the wet coarse surface). None-the-less it feels good that I dont need $100 shoes to run fast. I had to slow down a bit on coarse portion of central park loop but I was flying on smooth portion and grass. In fact, the rain today made running through grass and fresh water poddles so much fun. I know I made at atlease some shod runners jealous!

BarefootinNY for 903mi
WOD#131 5mi RACE BF 40:49@182/194

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