Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WOD#128 21-18-15-12-9-6PU/Sit+100ft lunges 23:33@160/177

Compare with WOD#95 (25:30@160/174) and WOD#68 (25:10@148/174). This workout always takes the wind out of me despite having no run in it. The lunges are surprising exausting and HR consistently rached 175 on each round. However, it feels good to do a wod exactly as Rxed. The only limitation was that I broke each pullup routine into three sets though I doubt Rxed version really expects 21 PUs in row. I also checked the distance on the plastic lawn outside the gym on Google maps and its 115ft which is close proxy for 100ft. The timing was a PR by 2minutes which is great. Still quite short of 14min I typically see on the website. Long way to go.

I was wondering why it is so exausting to do this workout compared to a run for 25min even though my average HR is just 160. I think the balancing requirements for lunges and grip requirements for pullups cause reluctance for me to start respective sets till I have HR to reasonably lower level. Running is quite brainless in that sense. I am sure I would have similar difficult and higher perception of exaustion if I had to run on slippery slope or on a delicate balancing route. Funny how higher order mental requirements can make perceived exersion more.
WOD#128 21-18-15-12-9-6PU/Sit+100ft lunges each 23:33@160/177

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Lynne Peeples said...

Hi NY Barefoot Runner,

I'm a grad student in science journalism at NYU currently working on a multimedia piece about the biomechanics of the foot. Any chance you'd be willing to talk to me, maybe even let me record a short video of you running barefoot, sometime later this week or weekend? I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for your time.