Sunday, June 14, 2009

First training run of the season 10.6mi@9:36min/mi 157/187

I decided to ditch the 10K yesterday and instead do a long run today. The central park soil was still damp from all the rain in last few days and it felt great. Ran about 8miles barefoot which was fun. No blisters or injuries. Just a hint of strain on left leg ankle as I twisted my foot badly on way down from a hill. The twist was pretty bad but its amazing how quickly my foot recovered. I just slowed down a bit for a mile. All in all, I got about 6miles or so of quality runs at 8:30-9 pace and rest relatively light including run to and back from home.

I compared this run with brooklyn run and I ran first 10.6mi in Brooklyn in exactly same time which is weird considering how slow the runs felt today, especially including the breaks and commute part. This just confirms the speculation that blister susceptibility is by far the biggest constraint for me running longer distances fast. If I keep training these long distances, I should be fine.

So plan is to bite the bullet and stick to long runs on weekends. No point being hero and experimenting with barefoot running AND crossfit-only marathon simultaneously. Besides, die-hard crossfitters are mistaken about ability to run marathons with only crossfit training. Crossfit makes it easier but sport-specific training is always superior (especially, if it complements crossfit crosstraining) than regular cross-training. The question really now is how to deal with overdose of wods if long runs suck life out of me for a day or two. One easy solution would be to move down crossfit to 4 times a week. i.e. instead of 21wods in 28 days, it will be 16. This will also allow me to run races on Saturday and long distance on Sunday etc.

I am not happy about this. I dont want to skip crossfit wods. I guess I will end up skipping wods which I am weak at which is less than ideal. More extreme alternative would be to squeeze in a wod on Saturday and keep Fridays and Sundays off. Then I can push the wods which I can do at home out of the weekdays. I will end up doing 20wods in 28 days. The 21st wod, I am sure can be squeezed in somewhere.

Barefoot in NY for 898mi


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about going from 3 on 1 off + CFE to 4 times a week plus a long running program also. What do you think of CFE as sports specific training though?

NYC marathon said...

If you can handle it thats great. The trick to planning is
1, It should be practically feasible so that you can stick to it no matter what for a long time,. They say it takes about 6 weeks to make a habit so you need to do it for at least 6 weeks in row.
2. The intensity should not be compromised on majority of wods.
This is not impossible but I am still a rookie crossfitter so personally I wont try such crazy schedule till I at least start doing crossfit wod as Rxed.

As for CFE, I havent researched much but I feel doing more interval training on top of wods (especially one which includes runs/rowing etc) is somewhat redundant. I will look into it more to make better accessment.