Sunday, July 13, 2008

200mi Barefoot and 2000mi total since May'05

Here is a nice video about right form for running by a 4:30min mile runner. Interestingly there is portion of the video which shows barefoot running on the grass. But in any case, even with shoes, its nice to see the runner land smoothly on the balls of the foot avoiding impact. The foot raises high before hitting ground almost giving and impression that will be the heel strike but the foot falls perfectly on the ball. The weight then shifts to heels as body moves on top and then back on ball as the foot goes behind the body. 

When running barefoot, this is the ONLY form you can run if you want to run more than few hundred yard because leaning fwd too much or striking ground with heels due to long strides cause IMMEDIATE shot of pain through the leg and it doesnt take long for the body to refuse to do it again. For the heck of it, I tried my old form of running striking heels while running barefeet and I just could not hold the form at all more than few strides. Isnt it nice when the body forces you to run in perfect form than you making a conscious effort.

Quick update on my training. I did my second long run at 12mi+ slightly shorter than the 14mi planned but I biked 5mi as well and ran through heat so the run felt kindda harder than last weekend's long run. Next weekend I have 16miler coming up as well as a 4mi race so that will be interesting. I am now skeptical if I am ready for 16mi as I was having funny foot aches after 10mi today. I attribute them to the uneven trail run with large tree roots. I actually did the long run in vibrams for the most part but still it was hurting so I will think twice before running on trails totally barefoot. It wasnt really that bad as there were no sharp shooting pains but it was still uncomfortable. That means I just need to get used to it thats all.

Two major achievements: I cross 2000mi total running since I started running in May and also I cross 200mi in barefoot experiment.

BF in NY for 211mi (incl 68mi in Vibrams)

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