Sunday, July 27, 2008

Follow up on long run yesterday

I am feeling just a tiny bit of pain on left foot on the outer side portion just below ankle.... Just inside the depression if pressed. I don't feel a thing when sitting and pressing on it but while walking just before stepping off the foot when the foot arches at the ball, it hurts a bit. I am guessing inflamation of some tiny muscule joining the bone must be irritated or inflamed. It feels like one of those things which aches for the first mile and then you don't feel a thing (never quite understood why that happens). I am going to pastpone the 6mi recovery run to evening just to be safe.

Btw comment (I always seem to have one): I saw this obscure movie called Cashback and there was a scene where the main character was having flashback about his crush in childhood on Zola Budd and how she ran barefoot etc. Coincidence? I don't ever remember seeing a movie scene about barefoot running but I suspect I am just more likely to remember such scene now than before when I did not run barefoot. Or maybe my tastes in movies are changing:-)

BF in NY for 284mi

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