Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day before the second long run

Legs feel alright ahead of the long run. I am thinking of biking to the van Cortlandt park which is about 10mi+ urban ride one way. I also have an option to run 3miles to and from subway stations adding atleast 6mi to the run. 3mi run is similar to 10mi of biking so either way works. I can always take my bike on train as well especially on way back if necessary.

I was just inspecting my soles and realized that my right leg sole is pristine while left leg has old blister/minor callous on ball of the foot. Perhaps I need to check symmetry of my gait. Or maybe these are symptons of compensation moves since my recent ankle sprain was on left leg. Its funny, however, that I can do this kind of diagnosis because I run barefoot. There is no way I could detect form factor defects to such details by looking at sole of shoes after just few weeks of running In them. Ha!

BF in NY for 191mi

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