Friday, July 11, 2008

In cruise control mode!

I have run 14mi so far this week with 22mi to go. Second week of training and the mileage already feels heavy though the legs are fine. But I cut my skin above ankle due to biking somehow. I hope it does not interfer with the long run coming up this weekend.

I intend to run 14mi+ this Sunday with maybe last 6mi or more barefoot. Its been rainy most days so if I decide to do trail long run it could get a bit muddy. Alternatively there is the 6mi race this weekend. I ran 8mi today but near end the big toe of one of the foot (I forget which one) started hurting. It almost felt like it was swollen due to ant bite but it was nothing really. But lesson learnt is that I can't take longer distance runs for granted.

One more thing about yesterday's run. I varied the surface quite a bit over the run which was a lot of fun. So there was about 2mi of sidewalk, about 1mi of asphalt road in the park, 1mi of grass, 1mi of fine gravel surface of reservoir loop, 1mi of rough bridal path, half a mile of soft sand and small stretches of heavy industrial gravel. I could easily get used to this. The high point was the run down the Harlem hill grass I discovered last time.

BF in NY for 191mi

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