Sunday, July 6, 2008

First "official" long group run for the marathon in vibrams

Today I did my first "official" long run with Flyers.  Besides being longest barefoot run (half vibram but more on that later), this was also my first group run outside NYRR organized long runs. Of course, 12mi is not 20mi but the run went very quickly with other runners. Flyer group is pretty diverse and its fun to chat with a few in the run. Also the runners from my Thursday morning group were also in my pace group which was nice.

The run itself was little over 12mi at about 10:10mim/mi pace. First 7miles were about 11min/mi while last 5mi were closer to 9:30mi. Ironically 3+ out of those 5 were barefoot (as opposed to vibram). Also this speeding was not really intentional though the surface was much easier (inner reservior loop) as opposed to very uneven bridal path for first 7mi. Legs felt pretty strong despite the long run with fast finish and I could have easily continued for few more miles. Thats encouraging given that long runs will only get longer. Also this run makes this week total at 34mi, just above last week's 33mi. Thats nice. All thats left now is to pushing pure barefoot mileage in 10+mi range. Perhaps after 3 more weeks on building the mileage???

BF in NY for 177mi

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