Thursday, July 17, 2008

History of my race performance over last few years

Here is a really cool website ( automatically pulls my race results to show the pace, percentile and distance I have run with all NYRR races so far. Note that the pace has slowed down a bit but has stabalized lately which makes sense.

I have run about 17.5mi so far this week; just half a mile short of schedule but I am terrified of this weekend. I have a 4mi race AND a 16mi trail run lined up. I was hurting after 12mi on trail run in heat last week so I am not sure if I will actually be able to finish 16mi. Moreover, I will have a hard time controlling my pace in the race on the day before as its just a 4miler. My PR just north of 30min i.e. 7:29mpm pace. I would probably run this race at 8:30mpm.

On barefoot front, yesterday, while inspecting the sole I noticed a tiny splinter in the foot which was not hurting at all. I took it out but I was curious why it did not hurt and should I be concerned about pushing splinters deep inside without knowing? I guess as the skin growns and is brushed out, these splinters on the surface would automatically fall off. I am still curious if I am better of taking them off risking deeping penetration or ignoring it altogether.

BF in NY for 229mi


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I am up to about 4 miles on pavement barefoot or 7 miles in my FiveFinger's. I consider myself an experimental barefooter. Good luck!


Hemant said...

Thanks. I like your blog as well. btw, I also consider myself an experimental barefooter till I break a shodded PR with a barefoot PR:-)