Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nice fast 4mi RACE

I ran my 4th fastest 4miler race today out of 9 4mi races I have run last three years. I also barely broke 50percentile barrier as a barefooter. It was my third fastest race from pace perspective this year and closing in on the other two (8:07 5miler and 7:50 4miler) and should be able to PR in couple of months if I do not get injured. 

For a brief while, I considered shooting for PR (7:50) but realized that with 90degrees and a long run to follow tomorrow, today was not probably the best race to shoot for PR. This was also evident in the heart rate as it averaged at 180bpm which is higher than I would have liked but could not really avoid with the heat. This race was a negative split as usual too with mile splits at 8:34,  8:11,  8:38, 7:43. Ironically, my split is now at the mercy of grass stretches along race route. I think thats why second mile was faster than 3rd mile.

Also interestingly enough, someone stopped me on the way back asking WHY I run barefoot and I pointed him to dogs walking past us and said that if they can go barefoot, why cant I. It seem to satisfy his concerns at least superficially. He also said that I am "talk of the town" which I thought was funny. I would think it would take lot more than barefoot running to become talk of town in New York City.

Anyway, the race was the easy part. The hard part is still to come. I am still iffy about the 16mi long run tomorrow. I should probably trim is down to 13mi (I need 15mi to make my mileage target for the week).

BF in NY for 235mi

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