Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another long run incomplete

The long runs are supposed to increase every week but I am clearly going in the wrong direction. My 16mi run today was over before I hit 10! Pathetic if you ask me.

In all fairness, fast race effort yesterday and the 90degree weather did not help. Nor did the 17mi of biking which came with travel to the park. Boy, its hard biking hills in westchester. My Garmin shows 1064Cal for running and 1236Cal for biking! It must be accounting for hills somehow.

But lesson learned for the second week in a row is that long runs are whole different type of beasts and I can't count on even making a half marathon, let alone a full. I am killing my plans to do the rockland park marathon as a training run in late August. I don't think I can do that distance yet. Too bad. Flyer program calls for a half marathon for next week but if I feel okay, I will try to do the 16mi next weekend. Hopefully, it will cool down as well by then.

One more note, unrelated to barefooting: I stuffed myself with all kinds of drinks after I finished the run and got home but still I weighed a pound lighter. I bet if I had weighed right after the run it would hsve been even bigger deficit. That sounds like serious depletion of water. I didn't really get a headache but it was definitely more tiring than usual.

BF in NY for 244mi

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