Monday, July 28, 2008

My Barefoot running and iPhone story

After NOT running the 6milers yesterday, I ran a very strong 8mi early in the morning. The run was essentially 4 loops around the reservoir in central park with its soft path just barely wet to make it pleasant.  The loops were almost intervals as I ran the north end of the loop on grass pretty fast at and around 8mpm while rest was in recovery. It was really funny getting passed by these runners with smirk on their face only to be pass by me later from outside magically ahead of them. It happened multiple times as my average pace was close to most runners running around the reservoir. Its so much (wicked) fun...

Also I mentioned to my Thursday morning running mates that I might be running barefoot this weekend's long run instead of the "funny" shoes and I was pleasantly surprised with the encouraging response from them. I feel much more comfortable showing up for the training run and running barefoot now. 

btw comment: This is not really related to barefoot running but while running (barefoot) past the apple store this weekend (see saturday post), it got me thinking about iPhone. Damn, this apple marketing magic is magnetic. I found a loophole to get out of my contract as t-mobile is raising text-messaging rate by 5 cents each next month. Since, like a sucker, I have been paying per tons of text messages I have been getting, I am "adversely affected" by this rate change. Aha, now I can now get out without paying early termination fee. Frankly, I think the early termination fee is illegal to start with if you REALLY take them to court but obviously its not worth the effort. But that makes it easy for me to get out with a simple excuse. The NYU law school negotiation course finally is paying off after all:-) No seriously, it was a formal chess game of him trying to get me to say that I am getting out for some other reason (humm what could it be?) and me pushing that he is forcing me to get a bundle plan(even though it actually save me money). Finally, my legal right to be dumb enough not to elect bundle plan won... Now I have till end of this month till I get my hands on an iphone. And oh yes, for other phone savy people out there, before you try a stunt like mine, pl make sure you "unlock the phone" for free from the carrier as I did earlier today. This is just way to easy!

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